Emily Alexandra Gordon

Emily Alexandra Gordon

Copywriter, editor, and journalist

I'm a versatile, meticulous, and spirited communicator, specializing in branded content, copywriting, and journalism. Preoccupations: politics and social issues, tech and design, books and culture.

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2017 04 24 yale som musharraf lavitt 27 dsc 1998 article

{News story} Bob Woodward Interviews Pervez Musharraf

When it comes to international affairs, “one should approach problems with an open mind, with sincerity and flexibility,” said General Pervez Musharraf, the former president of Pakistan, at an event at the Yale School of Management on April 24.

Gnam reframing 1 article

{News story} A Hands-On Lesson in Reframing Problems

As part of a Yale SOM module on design and innovation, Professor Rodrigo Canales led students from throughout the Global Network for Advanced Management in a hands-on workshop.

Open uri20170720 14672 1bzj056 article

{News story} Yale School of Management Welcomes New Faculty

The Yale School of Management will welcome nine new ladder-track, non-ladder, and visiting faculty members for the 2017–18 academic year, including two senior finance scholars and junior faculty in organizational behavior, economics, and finance.

Hackathon slide article

{News story} "The End of Globalization?" Hackathon

In the final session of the online course taught by Yale’s David Bach, student teams got live feedback on their presentations from former Secretary of State John Kerry and Michael Warren, managing principal of Albright Stonebridge Group.

Roz savage 1a article

{Blog post} Roz Savage Teaches Courage

“You have to be vigilant to make sure that you don’t have any barnacles on your bottom,” said Roz Savage, the world’s foremost female ocean rower, who spoke to students at the Colloquium in Advanced Management.

Sato 2 article

{News story} Lessons of Japan

“Once long-term inflation expectations decline, it is not easy to raise them,” said Takehiro Sato, a member of the policy board at the Bank of Japan, in a talk at the Yale School of Management.

Blankson article

{Blog post} Amy Blankson on the Benefits of Positive Psychology

"Positivity leads to three times higher creativity, 31% higher sales, 23% lower stress, and a 50% increase in the likelihood that you’ll live to age 94."

Marquesdesa4 article

{News story} Bridging the Infrastructure Gap: Lessons from Latin America and Africa

A career in advising governments on structuring public-private partnerships (PPPs) is an opportunity to leverage finance to do good, said Isabel Marques de Sá, chief investment officer for public-private partnerships at the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation.

Pohly4 article

{News story} Hedge Fund Founder Robert Pohly on the Importance of Street Smarts

“The hedge fund business is a wonderful business,” Robert Pohly told students. “It has great margins. But it’s also an incredibly flimsy business.... So you’re going to have to understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.”