Emily Alexandra Gordon

Emily Alexandra Gordon

Editor, marketer, and journalist

I'm a versatile, meticulous, and spirited communicator, specializing in branded content, copywriting, and journalism. Preoccupations: politics and social issues, tech and design, books and culture.

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Annie dunne book review article
The New York Times

{Book review} "Annie Dunne" by Sebastian Barry

In the Irish writer Sebastian Barry's new novel Annie Dunne, human beings remain a mystery to each other even when they share a life, a home, even a bed.

J robert lennon the mailman cover article
The New York Times

"Mailman," by J. Robert Lennon

Lennon's Brodkeyesque sensual memory, his artful wordplay and the many startlingly hilarious moments of sweetness—respites from Albert's often bleak adventures—make Lennon's novel both intricate and mesmerizing.

Sparrow nights book review article
The New York Times

{Book review} "Sparrow Nights" by David Gilmour

Emma Carpenter is as much trouble as she is a joy. But when she finally leaves her lover, an urbane professor of French literature, he's stunned.